Today’s product is very elegant, this is a handmade wool coat, with a crochet special to keep you warm on colder days. I want to emphasize the importance of our work, the richness of detail they have, and the fun I have in making every piece I consider unique.

    In fact, crochet is a job that brings me peace and changes my life. I’ve been doing this for a while. I have brought and shared tutorials from various professionals and designers in the field. The tutorial represents everything completely.

    I like to use crochet because it can actually evolve and relax my mind, in reality, I’ve always loved the art of crochet since I was very young, but only now after a certain age decides to dive, learn and devote myself.

    Cardigan's Step by Step Crochet Harry Styles
    Cardigan’s Step by Step Crochet Harry Styles

    In the past, I attended church activities and workshops to devote myself to learning, and there were always people older than me doing it.

    I was surprised by all the physical work. I started from scratch, just to learn and relax my mind. At that time, I barely knew how to get the needle, it was actually a very difficult job for me.

    I evolve, learn and dedicate myself gradually, now I can close my eyes and crochet. I like the art of turning thread yarn into art. It makes me small passionate and motivated. After all, today is not everyone who knows how to crochet.

    The cardigan is the one that arrived not long ago. It makes any woman very elegant. I have a lot of styles. The things I bring today are very suitable for the coldest days of our lives. Totally handmade, it will bring a lot of charm to your body.

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    The cool thing about this piece is that it can be combined with anything, including pants, shirts, shorts, and even skirts. I like very creative and different cardigans, which can be worn on top of any dress, enhancing the beauty of the piece and making it comfortable and well hot.

    I started doing the same job and found it very easy and simple, I have no difficulty in quilting, but as a beginner, I suggest you just do that. What will motivate you during this run is to complete these segments completely, that is, i.e., i.e., take one tutorial at a time and do the same until the end.

    Never keep picking up several pieces, this will make you exhausted, we know that crochet is a totally manual job, finish and make other tutorials.

    It will motivate you to always is doing, and with this, you will start and finish such a piece, if you are a beginner I took a look at our site, we have many easy level tutorials for you to explore.

    I did not give priority to very extensive tutorials, this will discourage you, at least at the beginning, choose to make quick and uncomplicated pieces, you will get the taste of the work and with that will motivate you to learn other pieces.

    I always point out that in the beginning, you will learn to work your points, it is this development in working the piece is extremely important and necessary.

    I would like to point out that today’s tutorial is credit intended for the official website, and I only share here, to check out the amazing step-by-step of this cardigan click here or watch the video below.