Decorative Crochet Blanket

Are you the kind of person who likes to decorate the house with handmade objects? Today’s tutorial I bring something very cute, a blanket all hand crafted that will leave your bed, sofa or even armchair of your house a charm of beautiful, all crafted in the richness of detail and sophistication that is crochet.

I love working with handmade objects is found this blanket the most beautiful thing, so I decided to put my hand in the dough and share with you, remembering that this tutorial is very cute and beautiful.

I love working handmade pieces because in fact they give an incredible charm to any environment, I like to see crochet as the art of creativity, it’s i’m in the business to undertake, work my mind, my balance and all my will to grow.

Decorative Crochet Blanket
Decorative Crochet Blanket

I started out of nowhere is i feel mega privileged to be able to go ahead, to achieve my goals is indeed an honor to make such beautiful and delicate pieces.

Crochet is indeed something that enriches my soul and makes me forget everything.

Folks, see crochet as a therapy coupled with pleasurable work, although it is promising, few people still risk diving into crochet.

Just because it’s something that depends on you and your productivity, do you think I was ever born knowing?

A year ago I barely knew how to pick up a needle, everything I did was extremely difficult, I didn’t know how to work with sophisticated stitches and it was very basic.

Today I make towels, blankets, souvenirs, decorative items, clothes, bedding, blankets and everything you imagine only with thread and needle.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I made crochet everything I needed to survive, besides working my mind and helping to forget about life.

As I always mention at first I did not sleep, dedicated myself to crochet day and night and had no time off, I stayed all the time working, little knew that one day the lull of quiet days would come.

Today I lead a much quieter and calmer life, I can reconcile my time, crochet, take care of my house, short my son, full fridge and paid bills.

There is no peace greater than this, it is in fact something that has been bringing me calm and I can live well, I always thought That I needed to trust that from crochet I could survive and that’s exactly what I did.

You know why I don’t keep breaking my head recreated own pieces, because I play pieces of tutorials Do much faster, still gain horizon to create new things.

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Therefore, all the tutorials on my site are credit exclusive to the official standard that I bring, so girls let’s leave subject is to undertake, learn and run.

Today’s tutorial is a beautiful blanket that will make your environment much richer in detail, beautiful beauty and standard of sophistication.

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