Dua Lipa squandered on her social media with a bib bikini all worked in crochet.

    A series of photos posted on Instagram of the Apostle Singer with super used bikini models: made of crochet, it is well dug, super colorful and with sun embroidery and Cannabis apps. The bikini and Italian beachwear brand GCDS and order $1,562.

    The bikini very controversial, besides super daring at the top has crochet embroidery a sheet of marijuana and a daisy, already on the bottom squandered delicacy of a rainbow, behind and in front.

    Lipa combined her crochet bikini with a pair of pink sunglasses from the same brand, along with several equally colorful rings and beads jewelry.

    Combination with accessories. Because it is a versatile item, the crochet bikini combines with any type of accessory. Just don’t exaggerate. Of course, rock necklaces and vibrant maxi earrings help highlight the look.

    Crochet is trending in the summer and Dua Lipa gave the name to this different and expensive composition, shaking praise on her social network, in fact she managed to draw attention by being using a small piece and all hand crafted, plus super different and expensive.

    Crochet bikini with embroidery
    Figure 1  – Dua Lipa dares in bikini (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

    The crocheting bikini chosen by the singer has already sold out on the GCDS website.

    Of course, in addition to expensive the different bikini caught a lot of attention from the singer’s followers on social networks.

    In fact, crocheting is really amazing, a whole hand-crafted piece so different has caught the attention of internet users on social networks.

    The more than provocative photos taken with the bikini all worked on crochet moved the social networks of the singer who received several compliments from her fans.

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