Hello crocheters, is everything okay with you? I hope so, today I brought a wonderful tutorial of a handmade accessory, which can be used as a hair tie or accessory to enhance an outfit, is lentissimo is and super fast. Crochet is an art that I am passionate about.

    As all the pieces worked by hand the crochet is an art of very good taste, I myself 01 days produce 5 loops and I am sure that if I did not have to stop would produce more pieces, it is worth it to implement clothing or even work as a craftswoman of women’s accessories.

    Crochet is a branch that has been growing intensely and this process is more than remarkable, I’m in love with the evolution that I’m having, that’s why I always bring news here.

    Crochet Big Ribbon Tutorial
    Crochet Big Ribbon Tutorial

    The site is full of information that helped me and can help you is very, especially if you are a beginner crocheter, girls before I barely knew how to pick up the needles, today already recreates certain pieces of eyes closed.

    Do you know what led to perfection?

    Exactly the practice, I exchanged my night’s sleep for knowledge, always the day to day running and during the day the routine of home, work, and child did not allow me to dedicate myself 100%.

    My determination went over everything, including my tiredness, I asked for nights’ sleep, producing my pieces, woke up the next day married, but there I was satisfied for having achieved and is going to fight.

    Today after a year that I live of it, I feel very happy, I know how to make incredible pieces and I started exactly like you, watching tutorials from other people that I considered amazing in the business.

    I have grown so much in knowledge, that today I can say with all the words I have become a successful artisan, I get my livelihood from crochet.

    It is I speak the same, for you who are starting, have will, strength and determination, take the maximum knowledge and profit, dedicate yourself, be determined to learn, all this will help you get where you.

    Do not give up at the first difficulty, I myself did not imagine that I would learn and get to where I got today, after all this time, I learned a lot.

    Now I no longer need to go outdoor to door to sell my pieces, people come to my person, look for me and ask for their orders.

    Over time, I was always a good marketer, I made my name in the market, every time I completed a piece, I publicized in my networks, it was gradually that my city began to know a little of my work.

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    Today everything is calmer and quieter, I can organize myself, I have time to produce my pieces, have leisure with my family and son, and I do not regret it a bit, because crochet brought me back the freedom I needed to live.

    Working from the comfort of my home, producing my pieces, and living well in peace with my profession and all that I need and enjoy evolving.

    Crochet Big Ribbon Tutorial
    Crochet Big Ribbon Tutorial

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