Hello crochet, today I bring a very different tutorial, but perfect basic for those who are starting now is want to produce simple and very versatile things, the point V is a very easy point to do is excellent to originate other pieces.

    The cool thing about this point is the versatility you can have with the parts, needle handling is and excellent for those who are starting now, because the point is nice to be working and will help you a lot to create the perfection of the points.

    If you are starting out much advise to produce this model that will help you create many other pieces, the cool point is that it is routine, ie you will do the same from start to finish until you finish the piece.

    Basic V stitch crochet tutorial
    Basic V stitch crochet tutorial

    I indicate that take this tutorial as a basis and goal to create another model, that through the same point, you can produce blankets, towels, table paths and other pieces very interesting to decorate and decorate the environment.

    Point V is like being a training of little tins, but more worked and sophisticated, usually this point is often used to make beaks in dish cloths.

    As I mentioned is a cool point to be learn, because it will help you to originate other pieces, the cool thing is versatility, so I decided to bring this perfect tutorial for those who are starting.

    Always remember that the practice will bring you perfection, with the versatility of things you will be able to create increasingly amazing and perfect pieces.

    people! We are living in a time of crisis, maybe crochet is your possibility to be reinvent, create something new, maybe build your space in this market of creativity.

    If by any chance you fell here on my parade site and have crochet as a hobby in your life, why not make it main income?

    It’s almost impossible to look at a piece in crochet and doesn’t get in love with the richness of details and models, so it’s very easy to market that work, for the lindeza it actually is.

    I would like to point out, that in addition to crochet is indeed an amazing therapy for the mind, I myself started in crochet a few years ago as a hobby, after a crisis scenario like this, where I ask for my job and found myself forsaking the market I turned the same into main income.

    Of course initially I had my fears, difficulty, rejections, i didn’t know how it was going to work, what made me win, was in fact the desire I had to change my life.

    I wanted to stay longer at home, keep up with my son’s growth, which I couldn’t do working on a signed portfolio, was when I decided to have courage, give my best, spend day and night learning until I thought I’d achieve perfection.

    people! I thought about giving up, because for those who didn’t know much I found it too hard to learn.

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    After 1 year at home, working for my person and closer to my son, I can tell you, with all authority! Crochet has changed my life, I now do my schedule, work for myself and like what I do because crochet has provided me with this.

    You know how I learned? Through the tutorials I share, then cease sloth, have persistence and let’s go to this amazing tutorial, I would like to make it clear that the following tutorial and photos is credit of the official site that you will check right now by clicking here.

    Basic V stitch crochet tutorial
    Basic V stitch crochet tutorial