You quit your job? And what are you going to do, crochet and live off that?

    It’s just what a lot of people do, the first step is to believe that you can do anything, as the way here wasn’t easy.

    How-to live-in art with a unique and profitable business

    Invest time and money in a website, social networks, online stores …

    Posting beautiful photos and promoting your products with a lot of energy.

    But all this just wasn’t working.

    One month I had many requests, other months had nothing.

    Crochet Baby Dress Madeline 2021
    Crochet Baby Dress Madeline 2021

    What kind of security can a company that produces ZERO give you?

    For children, clothing and accessories only for newborns, babies, children or adults. This point is very important, because many retailers make the mistake of offering to buy “any piece”, and then have difficulty making some pieces that they have never done, and seek the help of other keyboards so as not to lose face with the customer.

    If you define a market segment, you have a better chance of getting sales at the beginning of the business. Later, when yours thrives, you can incorporate other product lines.

    Specialize in certain products to sell. So specialize in what you want to sell. If you decide to sell crochet buttons for children, look for the best models, knit buttons in different colors, add original details, take care of the finishing details, present your buttons in stylish bags, put a label with your name and everything you can imagine to do them.

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    you can think about making your badges the best on the market.

    Catalog of your store’s products. It is very important to make a catalog of the items that are sold. The catalog can be made with photos of your products, with 10 or 20 products will be enough.

    Boæ’s photographs by ourselves. Take your photos on a clear background (a table or something similar) and in broad daylight, if possible,

    out of the house, if possible, so that the light is optimal. Once you have the photos, you can make the catalog. This way you can start your business by showing your friends and potential customers a taste of your work, this will allow you to do two things: start receiving orders and know your market.

    Crochet Baby Dress Madeline 2021
    Crochet Baby Dress Madeline 2021

    orders and know your market. This will be useful to make sure that you knit the garments you know you will sell and will not keep your production in stock of your production in storage.

    Put your products on the Internet. Create a website with a catalog of your products. Nowadays, there are many pages that are

    free and will allow you to publish your photos so you can show them to your potential customers.

    The easiest is a Facebook page where it shows photos of all your models for sale. Instagram is also a very good option, since this social network has a lot of reach, especially with has a lot of reach, especially with younger audiences.

    Placing your photos on the Internet gives you the possibility to reach different markets, you don’t have to just sell it to people in your city.

    In reality crochet is an extremely promising branch, being you aims at your growth, it is worth checking out and seeking opportunities in this branch that will make you passionate.

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