Hello my dear friends of crochet, today’s inspiration is so much fun, the tutorial I bring with me today is more than cute, everything worked with a lot of love and affection, are children’s pieces in crochet.

    I like pieces because they have delicacy and all the work of charm and a lot of sophistication, the crochet blanket is an old thing that has long been present in history.

    Usually, every mom has a blanket or crochet blanket in the closet just to see how much work, beauty, delicacy and sophistication in it, I started crocheting a few years ago.

    Colorful blanket in crochet
    Colorful blanket in crochet

    A tip I leave especially for you, start and invest your time and money in children.

    Shoes, baby clothes and blankets are great options for those who want to start a business and a great option of time and money for those who want to start and create.

    The reproduction of this model can be a child or an adult, what only changes is the size, whether it is a piece to heat up or even to decorate will look beautiful.

    Crochet is an area that has changed my life and I’m sure it can change yours as well. It is important to invest your time learning things that add value to you and your knowledge.

    Spend the day and night working, learning, creating tutorials from scratch and spending your time learning, also invest. This will help you grow in your career.

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    Remember that nothing is very easy in this life. You need time to study, dedication and willpower to move on. After a while, you will notice that stability comes.

    I started to crochet as a hobby, it evolves over time, today I already rework big pieces and just trust them.

    Today I finished a tutorial, I dropped the piece and automatically start another, had to go out on the street to sell, I mean, it was complicated because there is no day or night, sun and rain.

    But the need spoke louder, i didn’t have much to do, so I needed to, so I had to go out and sell piece by piece.

    In addition to knowing and studying, I had to learn to better manage my time because besides the part produce vs. sell i still had to take care of my son then almost 1 year old, gradually I got the hang of it and now I can produce with my eyes closed without any difficulty. official sample where you can check various information at the end of the post.

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