My site is rich in female tutorials, today brought a male tutorial, I like to innovate and hardly see around clothes in crochet for men, so I decided to bring the same.

    Let’s check out what this amazing tutorial looks like? First, I would like to say that I found the tutorial intermediate level, Did not find it difficult, feel difference in execution, because of the size.

    The clothes for men are much bigger, is that’s exactly what I feel difference, nothing too much is looked wonderfully beautiful, I loved it, I made one to gift my husband on cold days.

    Cardigan in men's crochet
    Cardigan in men’s crochet

    Another interesting thing is that people think they see crochet pieces only in the female audience, that’s myth, that’s why i brought this wonderful piece that you along with me will work by hand.

    Oh, whether you’re a beginner or not! Investing in the male branch in crochet is a great find, worth producing pieces and disseminating, the cool thing is to be undertake.

    A good undertaking produces, takes good photos and disseminates strongly, this will keep you in the market as a reference, so invest in what you can, will provide you with authority in the market.

    You know how I got crochet?

    After a crisis in the country, a lack of employment motivated me to make my hobby, of my casual step by step, an income, money that I needed to keep and sustain.

    With a small child to raise, few options in the market, I began to have a hunger for surreal learning, gradually learning and dedicating myself to being able to win.

    Today I produce beautiful and exciting pieces, so if you as Well as I want to learn, de-detain yourself! Use our website which is an excellent knowledge portal for every day, devote yourself, learn and go doing step by step.

    In a few months you will manage to achieve excellent in this vast market and evolve, guide and recommend that you take easy tutorials, small and go from start to finish running, do not take several tutorials to run at a time.

    This gets in the way and it’s very learning, after you take the tutorial is to do all of it, this will motivate you is a lot, I feel fulfilled when I finish each piece.

    Passionate about what I do, it would be no different, so I invite you to visit our site and check everything we have here. I’m sure it’s going to add up to some knowledge.

    Check out on our website some wonderful patterns:

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    Oh, I would like to mention, that the purpose of my site is to share tutorials and incredible patterns of professional people in the area, I learn and everything I share for passion just to look, I come to show you.

    After all, as I always say the market is promising, as long as we invest time and learning, so the voô in the branch is amazing, so persist and insist, because in addition to extra income, you can make crochet a main income.

    I would like to mention that the image credits and content of this standard and all others and always intended for the official standard you can check more information by clicking here.