The female Cardigan models hand-crafted all-in closed crochet yarn sit the most beautiful thing there are, plus the model I bring in today’s tutorial is very stylish and with vibrant colors so it was named after the designer creator of Cardigan Confetti’s piece.

    I would like to highlight the richness of details of today’s tutorial, we are at a time of the year cooler and colder so for sure it is a model that you will use a lot.

    For the enterprising artisans is a piece that will have excellent output and conversion in their atelier, since at this time of year the coats and cardigan sell a lot.

    Cardigan in Crochet Confetti female model
    Cardigan in Crochet Confetti female model

    People in general want to stay warm and at the same time elegant and only the pieces in crochet can provide comfort, elegance and sophistication in these models.

    The cool thing about a piece as it is is the delicacy in the harmony of details and even choice of colors, I simply loved it. I’m already doing the second model as an order is I’m in love.

    I found this piece of intermediate difficulty level, I do not see as difficult, but laborious, you should pay a lot of attention to the information in the tutorial.

    In addition, it is a very versatile piece, can wear with shorts, pants, dress and any other piece as long as it is warm and elegant, it is a very usual model is is on the rise in the fashion world.

    Having an entrepreneurial vision I create only one piece is left exposed in my atelier, because it is not a quick production piece not give to invest your time manufacturing various colors, so do one, work well marketing and so will succeed in your sales.

    I love working tutorials like this because I greatly evolve my level of difficulty me parts of intermediate size, but it is a piece that will give double work for those who are starting.

    The female branch has a very promising growth, so if you are starting now take these women’s fast pieces and even childish and practice, when finishing each piece disclose, are pieces that have fast output in your stock.

    As being entering a cooler and cooler period, I recommend that you invest your time in producing and recreating winter parts, the cool thing about these models is that the period is well thriving for this, so it will sell very fast.

    While the difficulty in producing, initially everyone has, do not worry you are not alone (a), the important thing is to practice, will be this that will develop you well, you will succeed by putting your hand in the dough and bringing to the market, because in crochet the important and bring something new.

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    So if you are starting now I hope to give you a bath of motivation, invest your time in learning and improving, search our entire site and always look for news in the market.

    I share with you only good things and hope to give an animo for you to remain in this branch achieving success and your financial independence.

    I would like to make it clear that all the tutorials shared here are credit from the official website that you can check out the step by step by clicking here.

    Cardigan in Crochet Confetti female model
    Cardigan in Crochet Confetti female model