Warm and fluffy! The cardigan is a great coat option to keep your baby warm.

    And the best, if you are interested in this subject and want to learn, you can make your baby’s coat yourself. With tutorials on the internet it is possible to learn even without having experience with crochet, and this model is very fun to make.

    A very interesting point is that in addition to having a beautiful end result, the process is also very cool, the practice of crochet helps the person to get distracted and relieve stress. It’s a great activity to unwind.

    In the post below we will teach you how to make a Cardigan for babies, which in addition to being able to make for your son, godson, nephew… you can also use this art to earn extra income!

    Materials needed to crochet:

    It’s easy to relate the threads to the crochet list, as basically you’ll need thread and needles.
    In the case of threads, it is very important to pay attention to the thickness of the thread, in addition, of course, to the softness of it. If you are starting crochet classes, the tip is to use a single, light colored thread to make the stitches easier to see.

    The needle used in crochet must be suitable for the type and thickness of the yarn. When in doubt, always consult the thread packaging, as the manufacturer indicates the most suitable needle number for the type of thread. However, beginners should prefer 2.5mm needles, which are neither too thin nor too thick.

    In crochet it is common to use patterns to make your baby’s Cardigan will be no different.
    There are dozens of grids to guide you, but if you’re a beginner, it’s best to focus on simple recipes with the basics.

    And speaking of stitches, do you know the basic crochet stitches? There are basically four: chain stitch, low crochet, ultra low crochet and high crochet.

    The most suitable for beginners is to start with the chain stitch, it is the simplest to learn, but it is still important. It is the base point for the creation of the pieces, it is very important to learn it.

    To learn how to do it, you can start with a movable knot at the end of the needle. After that, pass the yarn through the needle and pull through the knot. Keep repeating this step until you have a “chain” in your hands. That is why that is the name of this point, also nicknamed “corr”.

    Specific materials for the cardigan:

    For this model, we are going to use some buttons in the build of the designer. Around 4 or 5 and it can be the model you prefer.

    Scissors is also a predictable material on the list for making crochet items. It will be used a lot during this process.

    Point Markers:
    We will use around 6 stitch markers for this crochet pattern.

    Measuring tape:
    Tape is a very important material for this construction, without it we will hardly have a good result. At every step we must measure the coat so that everything goes according to plan.

    How to make the Cardigan coat for babies and children:

    Eager to learn? Let’s go to the tutorial!

    In this explanatory video we will teach you how to make the Cardigan coat for babies and children, which is a great option to keep them warm!

    Don’t worry! If you want to learn but don’t know how to start, the video is easy to understand, has a very simple step by step, and the end result is beautiful, you will surely love it! You probably won’t be able to do just 1, you’ll want to do several.

    And remember: enjoy the process, the act of crocheting is super stressful, and don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a perfect result the first time, know how to enjoy the performance and practice will make you perfect.