As always innovating today’s design is a full hand-crafted crochet blouse made for the cooler and colder days, we know that we are in a period where by day the sun give the faces, leaving a more pleasant day, no unbearable heat and the night we experience a cooler climate, often very cold.

    The crochet project I bring today is very simple and easy of course I already secure my model on the guard and looks gorgeous with any type of outfit you want to make combinations. Whether wearing jeans, shorts, skirt and even a pantalona looks beautiful. It is a very eclectic and versatile piece that you can bet on various compositions.

    The cool thing is to play with the accessories, a necklace is not recommended since the piece itself already has an incredible charm, but wear an earring, very large and flashy. Another interesting thing about this model is the marketing power, it’s a very easy piece to sell, because it has a cool outflow, I made mine myself, I took a beautiful photo and disclosed it on my networks.

    Blouse Winter Topdown Crochet tutorial
    Blouse Winter Topdown Crochet tutorial

    Detail I have 5 requests of the same running, is and super fast and very simple to do. Bet on pieces that I did not do so much work, this greatly facilitates the manual work of the artisan.

    I like to invest in details and riches of things because it is very easy to have a way out, and hardly those who visit my atelier, take a single piece. Usually takes more than one and so we go selling, word of mouth marketing is powerful, believe it.

    I usually say that every artisan has to be a good marketer, because it’s part of all the good investment, you’re going to sell what you use.

    If I wear the shirt of my product, surely people will wear, but this is a subject for a lot of history, since marketing is part of any and all business.

    As I’ve mentioned in other tutorials, I started out of nowhere, crocheted at night and sold the pieces during the day, knocking door to door, don’t think it was easy, I had a hard start, alone!

    With a son to raise and full of bills to pay, I had to reinvent myself after a major crisis in the country, the pandemic ended my job.

    After 6 years of stable feeling, with employment, health insurance and all the benefits that a company composes, I was out of nowhere without everything and detail without knowing how it would sustain me.

    So even with all this weight, I turned around for myself and saw that everything could be very different from what it is, today I feel fulfilled, happy, because even without time in the daily rush.

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    I work in the comfort of my home and I can stay with my son who will turn 02 now on Saturday, so I’m sure God has a better plan for all of us.

    But I do not give up, the reason I share these tutorials and exactly that, because I know you there on the other side of the screen, also did not give up.

    Let’s leave it up and go for another tutorial of an amazing blouse, all hand worked that you can check out by clicking here.

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