If you’ve come this far because you want to learn crochet and make it a successful entrepreneurship, come and learn a little more about this promising market, in the content and tutorial of this crochet blanket below.

    Learning how to crochet or crochet from scratch is possible with the simple basic steps we’ll offer you in this article.

    Today there are numerous techniques with which you get a perfect job, just learn the classic points and give wings to your imagination. Like everything else, the first thing is to lose the fear of learning and stop practicing.

    Let’s simply explain some essential keys to get started in the crochet world, so creative and versatile, explaining some types of basic crochet stitches.

    Blanket in Crochet Bobble Stitch Tutorial
    Blanket in Crochet Bobble Stitch Tutorial


    Knowing how to choose the needle according to the type of material and thickness we will work, as well as the task to be performed, is critical to start crocheting. It is important to know the thickness of the yarn, wool or yarn of the t-shirt, usually is specified on the labels of these products, but to get an idea, here is an intuitive table:

    One should choose the one that is also comfortable in the hand, with little weight and good finish. For starters, the best thing is a metal needle and when you get fluent, try materials like wood or plastic (abs).

    Start crocheting with a running knot. Swipe the line over the index finger of the left hand (auxiliary) and, from the bottom up, swipe the line over your thumb. Then firmly hold the two strands that are loose with the other fingers of the same hand and the crochet needle with the other hand, insert it into the handle that is on the thumb.

    With the needle shuttle, take the line coming out of the index finger from right to left, pulling it and inserting it into the thumb strap. After this step, loosen the loop of it and stretch the line a little until the stitch is loose on the crochet needle.

    And you already have the starting point where you will start your first chain.

    The chain is the basis of any crochet work, although there are techniques that dispense. It is the simplest point and is used to start a new line. Let’s explain how to do, do not miss any details!

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    Pass the ball wire from the outside in between the little finger and the annular, and then double-give the index finger with the wire, holding, at the end, the knot we made in the assembly step. This will be our starting point. Now just take the thread with the needle and pass it through the hole, taking what will be the first point to be counted.

    Make as many chain points as you deem necessary for your work, keeping in mind that the starting point where the needle is located is never counted.

    Also known as half a stitch, it is a compact point that forms a dense and dense fabric. He also has the mission to move to the next line and level the height difference with it. For this, make an extra chain point on what you need for your work and we start with the steps to the low point.

    Pass the needle from front to back through the penultimate point of chain and hook the thread underneath. Now with the wire attached, pass it through the point of current where the needle was, obtaining two loops on it. Grab the wire again and pass it through the two loops this time.

    Continue working with identical points until you reach the required number of points. And at the end of the line make a current point to switch to the next line. Turn the already knitted piece and pass the needle under the two upper straps of the first low point.

    Take the wick again and pass it also through the simple crochet and then take the wick again and pass it through the two turns created.

    It is a widely used tip that is twice the height of a single crochet and forms a looser fabric, you will also know it as a double stitch by having the shape of a toothpick.

    Before you start with the double high point, make three more current points more than your work needs.

    See how crochet is an amazing world? That was just a few tips we are giving to beginner, we hope you have enjoyed and come enjoy all our tutorials here by the site, you will love and be fall in love in the crochet business.

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