There are different types of stitches that we can use to make different crochet pieces, however some types of stitches are best for certain types of crochet clothing or accessories, in the case of blankets for example, there are certain patterns that make them more uniform, so we’ll show you some crochet stitches for blankets.

    This gorgeous crochet blanket model has a mosaic style that makes it spectacular, the color combination is also very accurate, and give even more life to the design.This crochet blanket is very easy to knit, because in this case we will knit the frame frame and then put them together to create this warm blanket.

    This practical crochet bag will helpyou keep your baby warm all night, as it sometimes tends to cool continuously, with this bag no longer having to worry about it.

    Blanket Crochet Easy


    • Wool (color according to criteria)
    • Hook
    • Scissors
    • crochet stitches for blanket stitches


    This is a beautiful blanket made of small mandalas, no doubt this blanket is one of the most colorful, cheerful and beautiful designs we can make, the combination of colors is perfect, making you take a while, but it is worth investing time in it.

    These models of blankets have basic crochet stitches and as you can see are easy to make, are braided in parts, if they are laborious models, then you have to have a lot of patience and remember that the time you dedicate is critical to finalize it soon.

    Where to sell my crochet work?

    Many people, because they do not have any kind of experience in sales end up dismaying and even giving up their dreams.

    With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 essential tips that can help you not only capture your first sales, but also turn your hobby into a big business.

    Here’s how to sell crochet by following 5 basic tips

    1. Participate in craft fairs

    Although crochet, like most craft activities, is a fairly homely and lonely art, know that it doesn’t have to be like this!

    In your own city and region there should probably be several craft fairs.

    In them, in addition to selling their products, exchanging ideas with other professionals in the crochet market and other areas, it is still possible to make great partners.

    To discover these events you can start by searching the site of the prefectures or through the Sebrae of your region.

    1. Make a fair

    Another way to expose your products is through a personal fair, thrift store style.

    You can start in your own house selling to friends, family and neighbors.

    Remember the following sentence:

    “Those who are not seen will not be noticed, much less remembered!”

    The goal here is to get your first sales. But calm that we go further!

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    1. Consignment sale

    Consignment sale is when you leave your product to someone else, so that they make the sale.

    If she can’t sell it, she can give you the product back, just like you took it. But if she does, she pays you the agreed cost for the piece and gets a commission for the sale.

    This is a very interesting and powerful partnership strategy, but you need to use it very carefully, since the seller will need to take responsibility for the product.

    1. Use social networks

    The internet has already proved to be an extremely powerful sales channel for the craft segment.

    Among the hundreds of possibilities, one that we can highlight here to start valuing even more and publicize your work in the crochet market are social networks.

    Through them you can not only show your products, but generate a great desire to buy.

    Two social networks that we strongly recommend to get you started are:



    1. Use photos of copyright

    At first it is very common for some professionals to end up looking for photos from other sites to make up their online catalog.

    The big problem is that because these products weren’t made by you, it can probably happen to:

    You waste a lot of time researching these photos;

    End up choosing product photos with details you still don’t know how to do;

    And the worst! You may end up having image problems because you’re using other people’s photos.

    To avoid headache and setbacks, ideally you set up your own photo studio. This tip may seem out of reality, but rest assured that it’s pretty easy!

    Did you like the tips? We hope you enjoyed the tips and come look at the amazing tutorials we bring on our site, you will be amazed by all the content, image credits and copyright is the official standard that you can check out by clicking here.