The tutorial crochet I bring today is a wonderful blanket, all crafted in crochet that you will love, I hope you like and follow on our site the wonderful tutorials we bring.

    The crochet process is no less fascinating than knitting. With the help of a hook, knitting is much more comfortable and easier. With the help of this, it is actually possible to create the most intricate and unusual patterns, and the products connected in this way are also very diverse.

    They can be sweaters, dresses, pants, as well as plush toys, useful domestic curiosities and everything you can imagine. For starters, you can try crocheting, it’s very simple and fast enough.

    Beginner Shell Crochet Blanket

    To weave the size 38 ranges, buy 100 grams of acrylic yarn. It is better not to use natural wool yarn; it slides quickly and the product does not last long.

    When joining the crochet needle, you’ll be happy, because the slippers don’t love it, but the slopes will like no one. These homemade shoes can be made in one night, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it may take a little longer.

    Once you receive the finished product, you will never forget how to crochet and use this method again.

    Even to make a simple blanket has its correct needle is and that we will talk in the background to follow.

    In this article we will give you the keys to choose the best crochet needles on the market and understand which are the most recommended for you, although this is also a matter of taste, you will see.

    Choosing the best crochet needles is something very personal, as each craftsman feels comfortable working in a different way, and what may be useful to us may not be what best suits you or your needs.

    We recommend that you try the selection of the best crochet needles before going shopping! Manipulate and execute a project using different types of hooks before deciding on a specific brand or type.

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    How should I observe to choose the correct needle?

    Types of crochet needles

    One of the basic materials you need to get into the world of crochet is the needle. And not one, but several, because as we will remind you, you should use the most suitable for the thickness of the wool or yarn with which you will work.

    The following will look at the main aspects in which you should pay attention to choosing the best crochet waters from the offer available.

    1. For the material

    Crochet hooks can be made of different materials: aluminum, steel, wood, bamboo, plastic s.

    Each material is recommended for a different form of knitting. For example, the best aluminum crochet needles are recommended for people who knit their tight stitches or who usually make amigurumis because they slide very easily.

    However, it is very important that the needle slide very easily through the wool, so that you can work much faster and without difficulty. Your crochet needles have to slip through the dots like seed!

    It’s no use you getting the best yarns for amigurumis if then it will cost a lot of effort to pass the needle through each stitch or end up screwing into each thread because it does not slide well. The experience will be disastrous and you will not like it!

    1. Because of your ergonomics

    What do we mean by that? The morphology and the material with which the crochet is made, because this conditions the degree of comfort at work.

    The handle must be ergonomic to fit perfectly in your hand. The best crochet needles are ergonomic, usually with a soft and comfortable silicone cord to hold for hours without pain in the hands.

    However, some people prefer aluminum needles because they are easier to fit into tight spots, as in amigurumis. You better than anyone will know what you need!

    1. By numbering

    In Spain, the numbering of crochet needles is expressed in millimeters and is the same for all brands. However, you can find a tag that works with us, UK, or Canada numbering where it is not indicated that way and you will have to use the equivalence tables. It’s not a big problem, but it can be a little uncomfortable.

    The numbering depends on the size of the needle hook; The most suitable crochet number for working this yarn is usually indicated on the labels of the balls.

    Small crochet needles – and aluminum – are used for thin yarns, while high-numbered crochet is used for thick yarns.

    In short: the smaller the size of the crochet needle and the greater the thickness of the yarn, the tighter the design will be. Try it and decide how you work best!

    1. By design type

    We’ve talked about this, but the design largely determines the best crochet needles we can work with. Remember that making a fabric blanket is not the same as making a small amigurumi doll.

    In the end, the label of the balls recommends the best crochet depending on the thickness of the yarn, but does not take into account the design you will perform.

    Let’s leave the subject and go learn today another amazing tutorial, see below how to produce this pattern, I would like to point out that the image credits and content of this tutorial is intended for the following pattern that you will check by clicking here.