Crochet: Today’s tutorial is voltado to the children’s business, you will learn how to make a beautiful amigurumi children’s bag that will leave any mom and child in love.

    I fell in love, I started producing an amazing for my son to go to daycare and found the intermediate to moderate level scholarship, have to pay attention, because any failure you end up making a wrong point and will put all the development of your tutorial to lose.

    I started doing the same and I believe it takes about 02 to 03 weeks because it is a complex piece, more people it is beautiful, my backpack amigurumi has already begun to take forms and I am extremely in love.

    Amigurumi Tutorial l How to Crochet Kids Backpack
    Amigurumi Tutorial l How to Crochet Kids Backpack

    All the time invested in learning and being devote to this tutorial is in fact worth it, the cool also that is a piece of excellent sales turnover, I posted in my groups, just a sketch of the development and moms have already signaled me order of it.

    So for sure it will be a bag that will sell quite a lot, a very cool tip that I give to every beginner is to invest in crochet in the children’s business, because you will spend little material, will enjoy little time to develop your models and in the end, will compensate, because the sale value, is really worth it.

    The whole piece worked in the children’s business is indeed something exciting, so being you are starting, I invite you to take a look at our site in all the children’s tutorials that I bring and share, take a 4 and launch a challenge, just jump tutorial when you actually manage to complete the same.

    You will notice that this will give you a gas to continue producing, the more you produce, the more motivated you will get is this is very cool, especially when we are starting.

    See crochet as a great business opportunity, because in fact it is, through crochet you can grow in the business of entrepreneurship and achieve that, enjoy a main income, or even extra.

    I always tell my story and you know that I came to crochet after a desperate crisis, started making pieces in order to actually learn the technique, and with that I began to devote myself, losing nights of sleep and when I could.

    I went out the next day down the street to sell them, I was building my clients, growing my portfolio, until there came a point that I didn’t have to go after anyone.

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    Simply customers saw behind me and requested budgets, parts, models and with that I grew, grew and today I have a brand that I am a reference to where I live.

    I like to point out that the content credits and image of the patterns is intended for the official tutorial that you will check out a lot of amazing information of this pattern by clicking here.